Brendan Fitzpatrick

November 4, 2023

City Clerk’s Office Preps for Election Day

Photo courtesy of John Phelan

FRAMINGHAM - Election Day in Framingham is near, as the City Clerk’s office is continuing their preparations.

City Clerk Lisa Ferguson noted that her and her team have been working for months to ensure that the election goes on without a hitch. Testing for equipment that tallies and registers votes has been ongoing, while a group of volunteers to staff polling stations has been assembled.

“A lot of training goes into that to ensure that (volunteers) are upholding the law,” Ferguson explained, “that people have access to the polling locations and have a pretty seamless time of casting their ballot on Election Day.”

Ferguson noted that people have actually volunteered more and more to help in the election process since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Greeters, inspectors, and wardens all play important roles at polling locations.

With the 2023 Framingham ballot not featuring a mayoral race or any other major election at the state and federal levels, Ferguson anticipates that voter turnout will end up somewhere between 15% and 20%. Still, Ferguson and her team are still encouraging registered voters to get out and partake in the civic process through strategies like social media campaigns, signage posted across the city, and information made available at local points of interest such as libraries.

“We’re always open to any feedback or suggestions,” Ferguson continued.

“It’s good to hear from anyone in Framingham who has a great idea.”

In addition to prepping the day-of polling stations, Ferguson has been working to keep up with those residents who are voting early—especially those doing so by mail, as she added that there has been an influx of mail-in ballots in recent years. Even with the additional accommodations necessary, she added that these early voting measures are important for accommodating residents.

“It’s not ‘Can I vote,’ it’s ‘How can I vote that’s best for me,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson reminded voters that mail-in ballots must be received by 8 p.m. on Election Day at the very latest. She strongly encouraged those voting by mail that they should submit their ballot as soon as possible. Those voters can do so by delivering their ballot to the City Clerk’s office at the Memorial Building along Concord Street or by dropping it in one of the official ballot drop boxes; one is located at the back of the Memorial Building, while another is at the Christa McAuliffe Branch Library on Water Street.

More information from the City Clerk’s office can be found by clicking here.

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