Brendan Fitzpatrick

October 12, 2023

City Officials Provide Updates on Union Ave Work, Salem End Road Safety Concerns

Photo courtesy of John Phelan

FRAMINGHAM - Framingham officials have offered a pair of updates regarding the ongoing road work along Union Avenue as well as safety concerns related to Salem End Road.

At a recent meeting of the city’s Financial Subcommittee, Chief Engineer for Public Works William Sedewitz noted that the Massachusetts Department of Transportation plans on paving the northern stretch of Union Avenue on Monday and Tuesday, October 16 and 17. With that, he expects the north phase of the project to be done by the end of the current construction season.

Sedewitz added that sidewalk work on the southern portion should also be wrapping up soon.

“There’s still a number of utility poles that prevent final pave, so that will be next construction season,” Sedewitz continued.

“I expect they’ll do a good job getting everything buttoned up for the winter.”

Sedewitz said the hope is that work on the southern stretch will not take longer than the upcoming spring season to finish.

Meanwhile, temporary measures have been enacted by the Framingham Department of Public Works and Traffic Commission to cut down on speeding along Salem End Road.

An all-way stop was recently enacted at the road’s intersection with Singletary Lane. A temporary island to divert traffic was also installed on Salem End Road’s eastern portion, where the stretch meets with Badger Road and Gates Street.

If the Traffic Commission finds these changes helpful for safety, they could vote to make them permanent at the meeting on Tuesday, October 24. If passed there, the alterations would be sent to the Framingham City Council for approval.

Sedewitz explained that at least one additional permanent island could be installed in the area to further curtain speeding.

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