Brendan Fitzpatrick

January 15, 2024

Jennifer Pratt Named as Framingham’s Interim CFO

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FRAMINGHAM - Assistant Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Framingham Jennifer Pratt has been named as the city’s interim CFO.

Pratt—who has been Framingham’s Assistant CFO since 2006—is stepping into the role following the resignation of Louise Miller, who resigned in December. Miller’s decision came in the wake of multiple conversations between the CFO and the City Council regarding financial transparency and reporting.

"I want to thank the Mayor for his support in this role,” Pratt said in a statement.

“I will be driven by the same commitment I have had to the City for more than two decades.”

Pratt will now be tasked with working alongside Mayor Charlie Sisitsky and other city officials in reviewing the budget for capital projects as well as preparing the budget for the 2025 fiscal year.

“Ms. Pratt is more than capable to oversee the financial functions of the City, including developing and implementing the operating and current expense budgets” Sisitsky stated.

“I know she will deliver outcomes that will have a meaningful impact on the municipal finances, while remaining accountable to our taxpayers."

This marks the second instance where Pratt has served as the interim CFO for Framingham, according to Sisitsky.

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