October 3, 2023


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Access Framingham TV (AFTV) Introduces “The Frame: Framingham News in Focus”

FRAMINGHAM, MA, Access Framingham TV (AFTV) is introducing a new local news program called The Frame to provide local news to the Framingham community. The first episode of The Frame aired on 9/28/23 on AFTV.  

Executive Director Jason Daniels who joined AFTV in June of 2022 says “We have assembled a team of professionals to research and report factual, objective Framingham news in a TV broadcast format. I am proud that this initiative provides a critical service to the community of Framingham and that AFTV joins the local news renaissance in Massachusetts.”

Daniels says “It has been inspiring to work alongside the President of the Board of Directors of Framingham Public Access, Audrey Hall, as she aligned the organization and marshaled the resources to build a successful local news program. She saw a critical need in the community and envisioned AFTV playing a key role in filling the local news void.

Audrey Hall said that “severe cutbacks in the newspaper industry have created a huge void in timely, factual, local information resulting in what is often referred to as a “news desert.” Without professional journalism we lose a sense of community, trust in democracy suffers, and the void fuels growth in fake news and divisive politics. Public access television is funded by cable TV subscribers. It is not funded by taxpayers or the government, and it’s not dependent on advertising revenue, so AFTV is in the right position to provide newsworthy information without being beholden to anyone.”

The Frame is hosted by News Supervisor Brendan Fitzpatrick, formerly of Cape Cod Broadcasting. Producing The Frame is Mackenzie Wright, a photojournalist and video editor from Buffalo, NY. A new segment of The Frame will air every Thursday at 7:00 PM on Verizon channel 43, Comcast channel 9, and Astound channels 3 and 1100 (HD). The Frame will also stream live at and will have a dedicated website: which will also feature weather and traffic information, and local Instagram feeds.

The mission for The Frame is “to connect people in Framingham with community information, trusted journalism, and local media. We strive to inform and empower local residents with the information they can use on a day-to-day basis. Our staff members are dedicated to ensuring that quality content is provided to our audience.”

Framingham Public Access Corporation (FPAC) is a 501c3 non-profit organization doing business as Access Framingham TV (AFTV) since 2006.

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