Brendan Fitzpatrick

January 9, 2024

MetroWest Medical Center, Tenet Heads to Attend Jan. 16 City Council Meeting

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FRAMINGHAM - Chair of the Framingham City Council Phil Ottaviani announced on Tuesday, January 9, that leaders of MetroWest Medical Center and its parent organization, Tenet Healthcare Corp., will be in attendance at the January 16 City Council meeting.

CEO of MetroWest Medical Center John Whitlock will be joined by the CEO for Tenet’s Massachusetts market Carolyn Jackson during the meeting, according to city officials. Their presence was formally requested by the City Council in December, as councilors unanimously voted to write a letter calling upon them to attend a public meeting this month.

That request was made following a string of concerns aired by residents, healthcare workers, and city officials in recent months regarding local health resources. On Wednesday, January 10, nurses at Framingham Union Hospital—a part of MetroWest Medical Center—will vote on approving a measure that could result in the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA), the largest union in the state for registered nurses, representing them. Over 275 nurses initially filed for an election with the National Labor Relations Board back in September, as those in favor of joining the MNA have cited staffing trouble, poor working conditions, and safety for workers as well as patients as reasoning behind their decision. The City Council called upon Tenet last month to allow that vote to be carried out as well. Other residents across the city have protested a perceived degradation of medical services, including the closure of the therapy pools at the MetroWest Wellness Center along Route 9.

“We had residents raise some concerns about Framingham Union Hospital/MetroWest Medical Center at several of our meetings in late 2023…I am looking forward to a robust discussion on the hospital and the care it provides our residents,” Ottaviani said in a statement provided by the city.

The next City Council meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at the Memorial Building. Members of the public are invited to attend in-person, while the event will be shown on the Framingham Government Channel as well as the City Council’s Facebook page and on Zoom.

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